• Katie O'Bright, DPT

My Why.

So here I am, nearly 6 years into my professional career and I'm taking the plunge into self-employment! The time is now, for a number of reasons. Since beginning as a physical therapist in 2014, I have learned a tremendous amount about orthopedic/oncologic practice and healthcare business models. While I sincerely enjoyed working with patients and helping them return to the activities they loved, I also noticed a few consistent trends that I found particularly concerning. At several time points, I seriously questioned my longevity as a physical therapist and considered alternate careers. I even came up with a name and business concept for a pretty sweet food truck idea. I also strongly considered and spoke to my husband about going rogue and becoming homesteaders in Alaska. He wasn't too keen.

How does someone who spent 7+ years in school lose hope in their profession so quickly? For me, it was the learning about the business practices, bureaucracy, politics, and money-driven decision making that affected how I could work with my patients. It was learning about what insurance companies felt my services were worth and recognizing that my income-potential was only going to plateau or worsen. It was understanding that, to continue as a PT, my performance was going to be largely based on volume, rather than quality.

Last month, Medicare released their plans to reduce PT reimbursement by 8% starting in 2021. 8%! When it's already garbage! What in the actual hell, Medicare? And you know what? The vast majority of PT clinics just have to sit there and take it, because they have no other option. By accepting individuals over the age of 65 (cough. the majority of the population pretty soon. cough), most places will end up losing money. No one can afford to stay in business at this rate, unless they double/triple/quadruple book. (which is also... illegal as defined by Medicare rules...). Not to mention, PT clinics have to either work ridiculous overtime or hire another employee just to manage insurance authorizations and claims. You wonder why you only see your doctor for 7 minutes or less... because they literally can't afford to see you for any more than that. As someone who has now spent time working in the Department of Defense, the non-profit university system, and a small private practice - this trend is consistent... and it's insane. Ok. End rant.

And so, Redefine PT was born.... to truly redefine how PT care is perceived and delivered.

I am committed to providing quality, patient-centered care in a manner that I feel is necessary, appropriate and guileline-concordant, without the pressures or restrictions of insurance authorizations or healthcare system protocols. I am committed to setting an example of excellence in leadership, integrity, and compassion. And I am committed to serving as a positive role model for the community and for my students - the up-and-coming leaders in my profession.

I urge everyone to reach out to me to ask questions, start a discussion or set up a visit! Go on.... I dare you....


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