Exercise is important for everyone, regardless of age, injury history, or health status. In fact, individuals with a complicated medical history may have more incentive to exercise in order to maintain their current level of function and reduce symptoms. 

Dr. O'Bright has partnered with Harts Run Fitness to provide medically oriented personal fitness training for individuals who may have a number of health conditions that they would like someone with experience to monitor as they begin or progress in their exercise routine. This might be an athlete wanting to safely return to play after formal rehab of an injury, an individual with high blood pressure, or someone with a history of cancer. 

Whatever the case, Dr. O'Bright has the expertise and creativity to safely get you on track to your exercise goals.


All personal training is scheduled through Harts Run Fitness. For information on pricing and scheduling, please click below to be redirected to the HRF webpage.

Image by Jonathan Borba